Island Korcula, Croatia

August 27, 2016

The island of Korcula is one of the most popular island destinations in Croatia.
Throughout it's history, the island of Korcula has always been important hub for commerce, culture and architecture, opened towards the sea and new ideas that came with it. The town of Korcula is the birth place of the famous world traveler Marco Polo, who expanded the minds and the imagination of medieval Europe with his stories that he brought from the far east, and some even argue that he was the first one to plan the seed of Renaissance in the Europe. He started the search for far away lands and inspired many famous explorers like Cristophor Columbus to discover new worlds. In the town of Korcula the birth house of Marco Polo with a small museum is opened for visitors.
Travel professionals and readers of such prestigious travel magazines as Condé Nast Traveller, National Geographic or Travel & Leisure vote every year for the most beautiful islands of the world. Korčula Island reached first place at 2014. 



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