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My Story as a photographer... 

I have been working as a photographer for about ten years and in the early years, I was exploring and photographing many different genres from the events to product photography and after a few years of studying and practice, we have opened (with my partner at that time)  a photo and video studio MEFF in 2011 in a center of Tallinn. Moving to Italy in 2015 I had my knowledge but in my career, I was back at the beginning as I did not have yet clients. I spent the first year adapting to the new environment and culture. I was searching my inner self as an artist because honestly I really never had time to do that. I was always busy with my regular job, university studies, and family life and unfortunately these responsibilities make limit the growth as an artist. I have studied at Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS) Creativity and Business Innovation and I have diplomas in Photography from Estonian Photography school and I have graduated 2019 Visual Merchandising in Italian Design Institute. In the beginning, my life in Italy did not start exactly the way it could be the best for a photographer. I did not have the interest to socialize with people actively or participate in art events. Instead of that, I decided to spend most of the time with my daughter Susanna and all the free time we had we were traveling around the Veneto area, hiking in the Dolomites, discovering mysterious Venice and taking photographs. I love to work with human portraits and capture documentary scenes. I guess that's the reason why Im happy to do once in a while also the wedding stories. The details of the human body make great photographic subjects, either as expressions of ideas or emotions, as artistic shots, or as a way to say something about an individual. I follow the light and I get inspired by human stories or a specific environment. 

I am fascinated by the Dolomites and learning closely the beauty of Venice that passion convinced me to organize workshops and tours for photography lovers from all around the world. I also make a co-work with Withlocals and Tripadvisor agency, 

I think my personal highlight has been in these 4 years to participate in the Venice Film Festival in 2019 as a first Estonian reporter-photographer and I got very positive feedback to my work from Todd Phillips who is director of Joker movie.  

I fell in love with Venice because of the mystery, history, because of the endless stories I hear and see in every corner and of course of the art we see in the galleries or in Biennale. 
Venice has a profound soul. It was built by dreamers and created by the artists. I feel inspired by architecture, galleries, art events, local people or sunsets in laguna and Im very grateful for this opportunity to live here as a local and to show that wonderful city to the world through my photographs. 

PRINTS are available on a Fine Art Paper >
please find your favorite photograph of Venice and contact me with any questions.

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